3 Summer Language-Building Activities for Kids!

School is out, but learning can happen anywhere! Looking for simple, meaningful ways to engage with children through the summer months that won’t break the bank? Our MGA Speech-Language Pathologists have easy, fun outdoor activities to help increase speech and language skills and stretch little, growing minds. Check out our recommended activities, and share with another SLP or parent you know.

1. Rocket Balloons

“I love rocket balloons! They are so fun and encourage so much language and interaction. I start by saying ready…set…GO! And then let the balloon fly. It makes a funny noise too. After a few times, I wait for the child to say GO or more, up, my turn, fast, loud, big, little, colors, etc.”

2. Planting Seeds

“Sequencing, following directions, and language processing can be addressed through planting seeds in a container. Directions can be written or verbal, and memory recall of directions can be addressed as well. Added bonus: seeing the excitement on a child’s face as they see their plant grow.”

3. Water Balloons

“Have children throw water balloons at items that begin with target sounds, or shoot water guns at specific speech and language targets all while working on specific speech sounds and improving sentence length (“I spy”, “I see”), and using pragmatic language skills (“my turn”, “your turn”). Added bonus: the water helps you stay cool too!”

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