Amanda Johnson Earns OASIS Certification

What is OASIS?

When it comes to in-home care, there are a variety of qualifications to be met, standard operating procedures to follow and employee training to conduct. OASIS stands for The Outcome and Assessment Information Set and serves as a data collection tool for in-home health agencies across the country to measure everything from outcomes and processes to determining reimbursement for patients.

Amanda Johnson, Clinical Lead – Visits in Phoenix, was interested in learning more about the purpose and power of these data sets. “I was curious about gaining a new perspective,” said Amanda. “I have been trained to care for patients and their families from a clinician’s viewpoint and I wanted to understand the importance of the data collecting point-of-view. When the opportunity was presented to attend training, I jumped at it.”

Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy

Amanda recently attended Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy hosted by Oasis Answers Inc., an organization that travels across the country to train clinicians and operational teams. Attendees undergo a two-day, 13-hour workshop highly focused on current OASIS data collection processes and protocols. “It was intense,” Amanda said. “Each day you digest hours of information, all while trying to alter your thought process from clinician to data collector.”

“The days are extensive, and the subject matter is important,” said Amanda. “The seminar allowed me to ask questions and get answers in real time. It’s training you can’t get from a book.”

At the end of the conference, Amanda took an over two-hour exam consisting of 100 questions, all of which tested her problem solving and data collecting skills. To no surprise, she became certified and immediately began thinking of all the ways she could implement more streamlined practices within her current role.

Bringing OASIS to MGA Homecare

Though OASIS is a regulatory way of collecting and submitting patient data, not everyone is required to have this high-level certification. “This is a big educational step in training our other clinicians,” said Katrine Atlung-Blair, Director of Clinical Services, Phoenix. “We are proud to have an OASIS certified team member because at the end of the day it’s all about providing better outcomes to our patients.”

Accurate, timely, and complete documentation is vital in delivering comprehensive, patient-focused, and cost-sensitive services to patients. An OASIS certified nurse will be able to create a basis for a plan of care, more accurately measure patients’ progress, and meet the regulatory requirements for quality reporting and reimbursement.

“We want to ensure our clinicians are properly trained and have the chance to learn to collect, observe and analyze data sets for patients,” said Amanda. “This gives us the opportunity to improve the overall quality of care, providing the best possible outcomes.”

If you or your organization is interested in OASIS training and certification, head to Blueprint for OASIS Accuracyfor upcoming dates, locations, and pricing. For more information on all OASIS subjects, go to