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Adult Patients

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Surgery. Illness. Workplace injury. For adult patients facing these types of medical challenges, MGA Home Health Care is an ideal partner for providing quality home health care.  We’ll be there to help you recover and get back to a normal life.

In cases such as surgery or workplace injury, our goal is to get you back to your normal activities as quickly and safely as possible. Our experienced and compassionate health care professionals deliver the skills and high clinical competence that will provide optimal medical outcomes for your recovery.

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Flexible, local service to meet your needs

Our local licensed nursing and health care professionals will come to your home on a flexible schedule that works for you.  We assess your individual medical needs and determine how to provide the best quality care. All of our staff members are highly-qualified and caring professionals who can create a recovery-oriented approach to your care.  Many are bilingual.


Any MGA provider that comes to your home has been though a careful screening process, including a background check.  Each is licensed or certified in their specialty of practice. We have many referrers such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies and government agencies. We contract with most payers to provide maximum coverage.

Emergency availability

MGA has the support resources and capabilities to meet patient needs 24 hours a day. Our clinical support team is available on call for emergency or after-hours situations. This gives our patients peace of mind, knowing that someone will always be there when they need help.

A responsive and accountable team

With an experienced team of health care professionals, from registered nurses to medical social workers, from licensed practical nurses to home health aides, MGA is completely oriented toward your recovery. Our administrative support team can help make the transition from the hospital to home health care a smooth experience. Our job is to help you return to health.

Why Choose Us?

Patient care

Our healthcare professionals deliver high-quality clinical care with the individualized attention that truly makes a difference for patients. We match the skills of each professional to the patient’s needs in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Flexible scheduling

MGA strives to be flexible, and significantly more accommodating than other employers. We encourage you to design a schedule that fits the needs of your life, which enables you to achieve your goals and do your very best.

Earning and opportunity

Our extensive industry relationships open the way for consistent work and broad experience in the areas that are right for you. While you care for your patients, MGA Home Healthcare is actively seeking new earning opportunities on your behalf.

Continued education

Many MGA Home Healthcare professionals opt for continuing education while working with us. We support your professional growth every step of the way and encourage all professionals to maximize their potential.

Support staff on call

With a supportive clinical and administrative team backing you, we ensure you are never alone when you need us. We work together in the best interest of each patient, minimizing red tape and streamlining your certification process.

Professionalism and Collaboration

As a member of the MGA Home Health Care family, you are always treated with respect and valued for your skills, quality, experience and contributions. As a team, we operate more like a family, and uphold shared values of teamwork, integrity and honesty always.

Career Opportunities

We are hiring!

Learn more about how to become a member of the MGA Home Health Care team.
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