Congratulations to Kodie Rabroker for Being Promoted to Director of Clinical Services in Dallas, TX

The MGA Homecare Dallas team is pleased to announce the promotion of Kodie Rabroker to Director of Clinical Services.

Kodie Rabroker has been an integral part of the Dallas clinical team since she started in early 2015 as a Field Clinician. Learning the ropes quickly, she moved into a Clinical Case Manager role which she has upheld for the past three years. Now, she is ready for her next advancement and the greater responsibilities that come with being the Director of Clinical Services.

“When describing my experience with MGA Homecare, the word ‘rewarding’ is an understatement,” said Rabroker. “Being able to walk step-by-step with families in times of transition is truly inspiring and I look forward to the greater impact I will have in this new leadership position.”

In her new role, Kodie will be working closely with the leadership team including Kevin Weiss, Administrator of the Dallas office. “Kodie is a true grassroots success story, having earned her promotion from hard work and grit,” said Weiss. “She has a consistent positive attitude and dedicated work ethic.”

Kodie will also be working hand-in-hand with Oziel Cuevas, the Director of Business Development, to grow the clinical team and reach recruiting goals for 2019. “Kodie will be working with our new nurses, helping to match their strengths with patient needs in order to provide the best care possible,” said Cuevas. “I am thrilled to have her on our team and watch her succeed.”

Outside of work, one of Kodie’s favorite hobbies is stepping into the kitchen with her husband to cook up a new recipe. She also enjoys relaxing by the fire and getting her nose into a good book.

Congratulations on your achievement, Kodie, and thank you for being such an invaluable player on the MGA Homecare team! Help us congratulate Kodie in the comments below. To learn more about MGA Homecare’s pediatric in-home services in Dallas, visit our location page.