Jane Kanoy, RN Celebrates Nine Years in Home Care

Almost 10 years ago, we welcomed Jane Kanoy, RN, to the MGA Homecare team as one of our first visit nurses in Colorado Springs. Since her start with us, she has used her years of healthcare experience to provide the very best care for her patients and their families. Today, we celebrate Jane’s years of phenomenal service to our MGA families by sharing her story.

Shifting Gears

Jane has been a proud resident of Colorado Springs since 2003. When she first moved to the area, she wasn’t home very much since she was traveling all over the country through her job as a travel nurse.

Through this role, Jane was able to see the country while working in a career she enjoyed. But, while she liked the traveling, she hated missing out on everything that was going on back home.

“I worked for a travel nursing company based out of Denver and traveled coast-to-coast taking care of patients,” explained Jane. “I did that for about seven years, but after my youngest grandchild was born, I decided I’d had enough of the traveling. I wanted to get off the road and come home.”

That’s when Jane ventured into private duty nursing. Once the patient she was working with no longer needed a private nurse, she decided to find another opportunity in the industry she was passionate about, pediatric home healthcare.

Joining The MGA Family

A friend recommended MGA Homecare to Jane as a growing company in need of great nurses, and she was one of the very first pediatric visit nurses to join the crew in 2010. Jane has since transitioned from working as a visiting nurse to working internally as a Clinical Case Manager to help support our growing team of clinicians and families.

“I love when I get to see my patients make progress firsthand,” shared Jane. “Recently, one of the kiddos I’ve been working with was finally able to have her feeding tube removed and is doing great! It’s those kinds of moments that make me so happy to do what I do… help kiddos and their families!”

In addition to the hard work our staff puts in every day to ensure our families and kiddos thrive, Jane believes what sets us apart from any other place she’s worked is the authentic connections that our staff have with one another.

Here’s how Jane describes the MGA Team Together approach.

“During my time here, I’ve experienced a feeling of family that I haven’t had in any other workplace,” said Jane. “Everyone has everyone else’s back and if you need help, there’s always somebody to help you.”

A Great Caregiver

When talking with Jane, it’s immediately apparent just how much she loves her job and caring for others. Her passion for pediatric nursing and her friendly disposition make Jane a shining example of what it means to be a caregiver.

“That’s the thing about working for MGA Homecare,” Jane said. “We get to help kids who can’t help themselves. We get to help parents who don’t have the time or resources to work as full-time caretakers. That’s what we do, we help.”

We applaud Jane as she embarks on her 9th work anniversary with MGA Homecare and we wish her many more years of helping our families.