Language-Building Activity for Kids

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and MGA Home Healthcare’s Cindi Dennis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP and Speech Therapy Supervisor in Austin, Texas, is sharing a fun language-building activity for little ones of all learning levels that you can practice all month long.

Not sure what to do with those ripening fruits and veggies on your counter? Try a creative spin on a traditional pastime. Build an edible Mr. Potato Head using produce and toothpicks. Here’s how:

“Mr. Produce Head” Playing Pieces:

Body: large apple, orange, grapefruit

Eyes: blueberries, raspberries

Nose: grape tomato, grape, blackberry

Mouth: petite carrot, green bean

Arms: green beans, snap peas, zucchini strips

Attachments: toothpicks (attach all parts with toothpicks)

Instructions: Talk about each body part as you put together your “Mr. Produce Head”. After it is assembled, ask your child to point to specific body parts to build receptive language knowledge. Next, let your child eat the fruits/veggies. Ask them to remove one body part at a time to ensure they’ve learned the names. If they are able, your child can tell you the part they want to eat. For example, “I want to eat the eyes” or ask them, “what are you eating?” and have them answer with the name of the body part. This will help your child with the expressive portion of learning body parts. You can do any or all of these examples depending on your child’s understanding of body parts and pending your child does not have any food sensitivities that may apply. If your child is advanced, you can move to the expressive portion and naming of parts right away. If your child is at a beginner learning level, work on pointing or identifying body parts.

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