Supporting Our Troops through Customized Care: Providing Services to Their Children at Home

Active-duty military life takes everyday family stress to a new level. Service members often miss holidays, anniversaries, and sometimes even the birth of a child during deployment. Frequent moves around the globe also separate military families from friends and extended family members, which constitutes a considerable loss of support.

As if parenting in a military family weren’t challenging enough, imagine including the complications that come with raising a child with special needs. Depending on their individual conditions, special kids may need constant monitoring to prevent health crises, as well as intervention in the way of time-intensive habilitation therapies.

These are just some of the hardships facing many of the families at the Army and Air Force bases near MGA Home Healthcare’s Colorado Springs location.

 The Cummins family is an active-duty military family of five, stationed in Colorado Springs. Their oldest daughter has significant medical needs, requiring specialized nursing care as well as speech, occupational and physical therapies.

Prior to moving to Colorado Springs, Mrs. Cummins had been her daughter’s sole caregiver while her husband was deployed. As a registered nurse, she was both capable and qualified to care for her daughter. But as a mother of three, it was difficult to juggle all of her parenting and caregiving responsibilities without outside support.

Once she was informed that her daughter qualified for MGA Home Healthcare’s in-home nursing services, Cummins had mixed feelings – she felt grateful for additional resources, but nervous as well. Would she be able to trust another nurse to provide the attention and care her daughter needed?

Like all MGA families, the Cumminses were paired with a case worker who carefully considered the patient’s individual personality, medical condition, and care requirements. The MGA case worker then presented the family with several options of qualified in-home nursing professionals, with whom they later met to determine the best fit for their needs.

In the Cummins family’s case, their working relationship with their MGA nurse has developed into a long-term partnership, with the same nurse having provided care for their daughter for four consecutive years.

“Our nurse is part of the family and we honestly could not ask for more,” said Cummins. “She provides exceptional nursing care daily. Being a nurse myself, I couldn’t be happier with the care she gives to my child.”

In-home nursing allows parents opportunities to rest, care for other siblings, get things done around the house, or even run errands outside of the home. MGA in-home nurses serve as essential team members for special needs families, partnering on medical care for the child, and offering parents invaluable peace of mind.

Their daughter also benefits from MGA’s in-home therapy services, which make the family’s busy schedule feel much less hectic. “For years, I drove my daughter around town for therapy sessions, spending countless hours in clinics and cars,” said Cummins. “Now with MGA, she receives quality, in-home therapy for speech, occupational, and physical therapy, all in our own home.”

Each MGA family also has the support of an account manager, whose job it is to help parents navigate paperwork for insurance and public assistance programs that are often available to children with special needs. “The ‘business side’ of things is a confusing area for me,” said Cummins, “but our account manager always provides us with the answers we need.”

Military families may face some extra challenges when raising children with special needs. But with a little added support, MGA Home Healthcare in-home resources can help at-home parents keep all of those plates spinning.