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Abbigayle Beauchesne, OT

Abbigayle Beauchesne is enjoying her first job out of college. And this grad is already making a difference in so many lives. Originally from Maine, she works with patients aged three weeks to 18 years old. “One day I can be teaching a baby to roll over and the next I’ll be working with another child practicing putting on socks.

“I enjoy being creative,” says Abbigayle who gets to come up with new ways to work with her patients and celebrate the wins. She says that her goal is just to help people. “I enjoy making lasting connections and making a difference.”

When Abbigayle helped teach twin, premature infants how to roll over and then crawl, she was honored to be part of that particular families’ journey. Touching lives right out of college and helping babies thrive. There’s probably nothing better than that.

Congrats Abbigayle, MGA’s Q4 Therapist of the Quarter!

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