Frequently Asked Questions

We care about your questions and want you to have access to any information you may need about MGA Homecare. Take a look at the FAQs below to learn more about what we do.



How does MGA Homecare screen their clinicians?

We have a comprehensive screening process before each clinician is allowed to provide services to our patients. During our detailed interview stage, each clinician will have to demonstrate knowledge and experience in each skill set and be evaluated by our clinical supervision team. In addition, all clinicians are required to pass extensive background testing, drug testing and written competency testing.

How does our nurse or therapist get scheduled?

We work closely with each family to try to create the best fit. You will determine your preferred treatment schedule and we will work to provide clinicians available for those shifts. All scheduling requests must be made through MGA Homecare so we can ensure the appropriate clinician is available. We only require that the schedule be consistent on a weekly basis, so each clinician has the opportunity to commit to the shift.

Will MGA Homecare accept my insurance and how will I be covered?

Just as patient's medical needs are unique, so are the individualized care plans for home healthcare services. At MGA Homecare, we work with you to develop a coverage plan best suited to your family. This includes contracting with many major payor sources and insurance providers in your area and working with them directly on your behalf.

How long does it take to recruit a nurse or therapist?

We strive to staff each patient with a homecare professional in a timely manner based on clinician experience, shift type and patient acuity. Identifying a qualified nurse or therapist can happen at varying intervals depending on the case. For specific information based on your situation, please call us.

What if I need to cancel my nurse or therapist?

We understand schedules change. In the event you need to cancel your nursing shift or therapist appointment, please contact your clinician directly and contact your office representative. Please provide as much notice as possible so your clinician can adjust and reschedule.

Do you have back-up nursing if my regular nurse calls off the scheduled shift?

We have a large workforce of nursing professionals in the field and will do everything possible to find a replacement nurse for any open shifts due to a call-off of the regular nurse. We require that our nurses call us with as much notice as possible when they might not be able to work their scheduled shift, so we have time to work on finding fill-in nurses.

Homecare Professionals

Does MGA Homecare offer training for nurses?

Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional looking for more experience, MGA Homecare will provide training on various skills including trach work, ventilator care, tube feedings, PICC and central lines. We also provide patient-specific training and nurse-specific training to ensure you are comfortable and competent with the care you are providing.

How can MGA Homecare support me when I’m in the field?

We want our employees to feel supported. As part of our healthcare team, we focus on being a Team Together that emphasizes communication, integrity and honesty. MGA Homecare provides clinical and operational support in the field as well as case-specific training for all team members. We make sure our clinicians can always get an answer by having staff members available 24/7.

Is the MGA Academy closed?

MGA Academy is no longer hosting CNA classes. We would be happy to put you in touch with an MGA recommended CNA program near you. Please contact us at (602) 385-8733 for more information.

Does MGA Homecare offer a new graduate nursing program?

A career in home healthcare offers flexibility, opportunities to learn and areas of specialized skills. MGA Homecare has the ability to bring on new graduate staff who have the appropriate education and state licensing. As a new graduate team member, training is tailored to your skill set and comfort level with oversight from a clinical case manager. We also believe in continued education, so we offer ongoing training to our clinicians throughout their time at MGA Homecare.

What is the process for being matched with a patient?

Our goal is to provide quality care and that means putting an emphasis on building trusted relationships between each clinician and family. We do our best to match clinicians at their skill level and shift request. MGA Homecare wants its clinicians and families to be a great fit, that’s why we make sure the homecare team and family have the chance to meet before services begin.

Patient Referral

What services does MGA Homecare provide?

MGA Homecare provides private duty nursing (PDN), skilled nursing visits, certified nursing assistant (CNA) services, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. Our services vary by location, so please see our locations page for specific information.

What is the timeline for staffing a nurse for a patient?

Our case managers are available 24/7 in order to work quickly with hospitals to put homecare teams in place. We strive to staff each patient with a homecare professional based on clinician experience, shift type and patient acuity. While it’s our goal to start services as soon as needed, identifying a qualified nurse or therapist can happen at varying intervals. For specific case information, please call us.