Growing Careers in The Grand Canyon State.


A true desert oasis, the “Grand Canyon State” of Arizona gives you the best of the great American Southwest. World renowned Scottsdale and its surrounding valley cities boast top shelf restaurants and nightlife while being immersed within the serene desert landscape, complete with cacti, palm trees, and breathtaking sunsets. The visually stunning buttes of Sedona will beckon you to embark on a weekend excursion to experience them in person. Year-round warm weather entices those wishing to escape the harsh winters found in other parts of the country.

“Our friendly and welcoming staff of our Arizona office mirror the warm and welcoming climate of this beautiful state of Arizona that I love to call home!”-Phil Dudt, Sr. Director of Employee Relations

Leading Home Healthcare in the Centennial State.


Colorado is an outdoor lover’s dream, with mountain vistas and abundant streams and rivers that can be found within a stone’s throw from its bustling cities. When you live in Colorado, you know that skiing is your sport in the winter and hiking and rock climbing are your go-to in the summer. Colorado is also a prime spot to observe rare wildlife. Work and live where you can keep learning, keep growing, and keep moving!

“Work-life balance is a fantastic aspect of working at MGA, and in Colorado, you’ll be happy to work for a place that puts you first.”-Alex Koloskus, Chief Compliance Officer

First in Flight, First in Home Healthcare.


North Carolina is the epicenter of arts and culture, warm hospitality, and southern charm. This state allows you to experience all of the seasons in a mild fashion, so you’ll get to enjoy the cozy chill of winter and the gentle humidity of a warm summer (which can be spent at their beautiful beaches!). Military buffs will enjoy learning about and visiting Fort Bragg—one of the oldest military installations in the world.

“Living in North Carolina and taking advantage of MGA’s emphasis on work-life balance has allowed me to take up new hobbies as well as continuing doing the ones I love best.”-Melody Beaty, Area VP of Clinical Ops

Excellence of Care in The Volunteer State.


Known for its music scene, iconic whiskey, barbecue, and moon pies, Tennessee is sure to steadily wind its way into your heart. Its rolling hills and pastures will encourage you to take long, relaxing drives that will ease away any tension you may have. The Great Den ects . Smoky Mountains will appeal to your adventurous side and call out to you to explore on day trips in the same manner that native son Davy Crockett did.

“The pace of life in Tennessee is ideal and different from the rest of the country. Its subculture is as unique as its people, who I completely enjoy working with through my rewarding career here at MGA.”-Carrie Smith, Administrator

Even The Job Opportunities are Bigger.


The motto that “everything is bigger in Texas” holds true for the sheer variety of fun activities you and/or your family can partake of in the Lone Star state. The cities where MGA is located in—Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth—create what is known as the Texas Triangle. Each city has its own distinctive “personality.” The region’s rate of growth, diversity, and economic benefits are all magnets for talent for those looking to start or grow their careers. There is certainly no shortage of educational, cultural, and just plain fun in Texas!

“When I moved to Texas from another state to join their MGA family, not only did I fall in love with Texas, but I also instantly felt a sense of belonging and connection to our staff and the valuable work we do.” -Joseph Morton, Administrator

Take Your Career Into The Future.


Known for its snow-capped volcanic mountains, rivers, bays, and inlets, Washington encompasses a natural beauty that is unique and can be best viewed throughout the abundance of its national parks. As the birthplace of Starbucks, the state is a coffee lover’s dream, not to mention a paradise for those who love seafood. Start or continue a career in a state that will provide fascination and intrigue at every turn!

“Washington is a place I am proud to call home..the weather, the food, and the vibrant subculture of the state are all things that I enjoy as I continue to grow in my career at MGA!” Iiliana Santa Cruz, Sr. Client Service Manager

Excellence in Home Healthcare.


If America’s Finest States sounds like an ideal place to live, we’re confident you’ll find MGA Homecare to be an excellent choice as your ideal place to work. We’re looking for nurses and therapists who are highly skilled, responsible, and willing to go the extra mile to establish meaningful relationships. MGA Homecare is a growing professional home healthcare service with a personalized touch in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Washington, and North Carolina. Our dedicated team of more than 2800 employees work together to deliver high-quality clinical care with individualized attention and support. We serve over 6000 loyal patients who choose us for excellence in private duty nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.