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Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month! 


The month of May allows us to pause and recognize our speech therapists for Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). Better Hearing and Speech Month raises awareness for those with communication barriers and disorders. With the help and support of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), commonly referred to as Speech Therapists, they can focus on the communication and swallowing efforts of an individual, to better improve their quality of life. 

Our MGA Speech Therapists support patients by: 

  • Using augmentative communication (AAC) devices 
  • Enhance feeding and swallowing 
  • Enhance all forms of communication 
  • Improve language and articulation within the comfort of the patient’s home

We are so proud and grateful for our MGA Speech Therapists who are truly passionate about what they do and the recommendations they have when it comes to finding the right SLP for your loved one.  

Meet Our Colorado SLP Team  


Brittany Baldwin is the Clinical Supervisor of Speech Therapy at our MGA Colorado Springs office and has been with the team for 5 years. She is always looking forward to supporting the team and learning something new. “I love the team I work with and how supportive they are.” Brittany’s favorite part about being an SLP is helping infants and families learn safe ways to support oral feeding. “Small victories to us are big victories to your child.” For SLPs who would like to work with the MGA Homecare team, Brittany has a few words of advice, “If you love to coordinate with families and create strong bonds this is the job for you!”  


Meet Erin Carlson, our Clinical Supervisor of Speech Therapy at the MGA Homecare office in Denver. Erin has been with MGA for the past 5 years finding new ways to support the speech therapists whenever she can. When she is not in the office she enjoys running, lifting weights, reading, and spending time with her daughter. Erin says her favorite part of being an SLP at MGA is, “How MGA really works as a team and supports each other, and sharing the joy of watching the children grow and progress. I feel MGA does its best to listen to all therapists to help meet everyone’s needs and to offer a work-life balance.” 


Sarah Ham is the Clinical Support Specialist at our MGA Colorado Springs office and has been part of the team for over 8 years. “I enjoy helping children reach their goals and working with parents on strategies to help increase feeding or speech and language goals in the home setting.” Outside of MGA, Sarah loves spending time with her own 3 children, who she says are growing up way too fast! Her favorite part of working at MGA is, “The company sincerely cares for you as a person!” Sarah’s advice to families looking for speech therapists for their loved ones is to know that “we are here to help your child and we genuinely care about helping them reach their full potential.” If you are looking for an SLP job at MGA, “You won’t be disappointed! It is the perfect work-life balanced job with flexibility and support from an amazingly friendly team who is always available!”  


Andrea Skoog has been a part of the MGA Homecare team for the past 5 years and is currently the Director of Therapy at the Colorado Springs office. Outside of the office, she loves spending time with her family, going on hikes, and skiing. When it comes to being an SLP, Andrea said, “I love supporting the whole family in a natural environment to encourage learning and carryover.” Her goal for every family is to establish a good match for your child and connect with your caregiver. “This setting is so special for the relationships it provides with the client and their family.” Andrea is always supporting our team and loves to see the clients’ progress.  


Meet Our Texas SLP Team  


Rosalyn Pryor is the Director of Therapy at our MGA Dallas-Fort Worth offices. She is a loving spouse and mother, who enjoys traveling and reading. Her favorite part about working at MGA Homecare is “Being creative and developing ideas to help therapists in their day-to-day routines; problem-solving as a team and being a servant leader to the therapists.” For families who are looking for MGA SLP services, Rosalyn wants to share that the therapists at MGA are very compassionate with your child’s communication difficulties.  We understand the unique challenges that it presents for you and your family because all families are different. If you are looking to be an SLP at MGA, “We have a family atmosphere where we can collaborate and share information, where all ideas are welcome when it comes to treatments.” 


Meet Erin Taylor, Clinical Supervisor of Speech Therapy at our MGA office in Austin. She has been with MGA for 6 years and every day she looks forward to, “Joining my therapists in the field and seeing their patient’s progress! I enjoy working with my therapy team to develop clinical resources to improve patient care.” Outside the office, Erin loves hiking, running, and spending time with her 3-year-old son. Her favorite part of being an SLP is “The excitement and challenge of working within pediatrics and empowering families to help carryover therapy strategies.” For anyone interested in an SLP career opportunity, she shares “If you are looking for a dynamic, mentally stimulating, and exciting work environment then MGA Homecare will be a great fit for you!” 


We are proud to have such a diligent and hardworking speech therapy team at MGA Homecare. Their dedication to achieving their patients’ goals, seeing them progress, and supporting each family member, is why we are grateful for each and every one of them.


If you are interested in becoming a part of our MGA Homecare team, we are currently providing speech therapy services in Colorado and Texas. There are also numerous career opportunities in all markets with a wide variety of roles in home health available throughout the states of Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington with plans to grow into new states: Join Our Team 


If you have a patient who needs personalized care, you can feel confident in referring them to MGA Homecare. We have employees on call 24/7 to provide you with constant and open lines of communication to ensure that all our families are receiving the quality homecare they deserve: Patient Referral