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Celebrating Excellence: Claire Nassaux, 2023 Caregiver of the Year


We are thrilled to announce that Claire Nassaux, an outstanding Occupational Therapist at MGA Homecare, has been awarded the prestigious title of Caregiver of the Year for 2023. Claire’s dedication, empathy, and expertise have significantly impacted the lives of her clients, and we are proud to highlight her journey and achievements.

Claire embarked on her career as an Occupational Therapist in 2017. With a robust background in outpatient pediatrics, school settings, and home health, Claire has honed her skills and developed a profound understanding of her field. Since joining MGA Homecare in 2022, she has found a supportive and ethical work environment that aligns perfectly with her values.

“I chose MGA because I love the home health setting and deeply value the incredibly supportive office staff and the ethical work environment,” Claire shares. Her decision to join MGA was driven by her commitment to providing high-quality care in a setting that fosters genuine connections with clients and their families.

Throughout her career, Claire has demonstrated remarkable qualities that make her an exceptional caregiver. Her patience, playfulness, and empathy have guided her on this path, enabling her to make a real difference in the lives of her clients. One particularly memorable experience involved working with a young child who initially appeared to have no volitional movements of her upper extremities. Through months of sensory play and different experiences, Claire discovered that the child could flex her shoulder a few degrees independently. This breakthrough moment was a testament to Claire’s unwavering dedication and innovative approach to therapy.

Claire’s exceptional work has not gone unnoticed. Prior to being named Caregiver of the Year, she was honored with the Caregiver of the Quarter award last year. These accolades reflect her consistent excellence and the profound impact she has on her clients and their families.

When she’s not working, Claire enjoys a variety of hobbies that keep her creative and active. She loves to paint, craft, camp, and paddle board, finding joy and relaxation in these activities. A fun fact about Claire is that in 2020, she and her partner took a road trip to find a new state to call home, ultimately deciding on Colorado, the only state they both agreed upon.

Claire’s journey has been enriched by valuable advice and meaningful experiences. The best career advice she received is to be as patient with adults as with children. She explains, “Often-times when working with families with children with disabilities, the parents are mourning the child they had imagined (while still loving the child they have). It can be really hard for the family unit as a whole, and it’s important to be patient with everyone.”

Looking ahead, Claire is excited about the upcoming year at MGA Homecare. She is looking forward to working with Carrie G, COTA, and embracing the next level of collaboration and responsibility.

Claire Nassaux exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional caregiver through her dedication, empathy, and innovative approach to occupational therapy. Her recognition as the 2023 Caregiver of the Year is well-deserved, and we look forward to seeing the continued positive impact she will have on her clients and the MGA Homecare community. Congratulations, Claire, and thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence in care!