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Celebrating Josephine DeHerrera: MGA Homecare’s Caregiver of the Year 2023


We are thrilled to announce that Josephine DeHerrera, a Certified Nursing Assistant from Pueblo, Colorado, has been honored as MGA Homecare’s Caregiver of the Year for 2023! Josephine’s dedication, compassion, and exceptional caregiving skills have made a significant impact on her family, earning her this well-deserved recognition.

Josephine’s caregiving career, spanning 1 year and 9 months, began with a deeply personal motivation. As a mother of four adopted boys, all with special needs requiring various therapies, Josephine’s life has been intertwined with the healthcare world long before she became a professional caregiver. Her journey led her to MGA Homecare, where she has flourished since the beginning of her career. “I love the opportunity I have been given with MGA. I’m just thankful for the continued support that I get from MGA and all the other clinicians who helped my family,” she says.

Reflecting on her career path, Josephine shares, “My children have worked with physical, speech, and occupational therapy for about three years. They told me about how I could help my boys by applying to the CNA program.” This personal connection to caregiving, born from her desire to support her children, has propelled her into a career where she extends her nurturing spirit to others.

Outside of her caregiving role, Josephine enjoys engaging in creative and entrepreneurial activities. She has started a business renting photo booths and balloon decorations for parties, showcasing her creativity and business acumen. A fun fact about Josephine is that she keeps chocolate or cake by her bed for those middle-of-the-night cravings, adding a sweet touch to her caring personality.

Josephine’s advice to aspiring caregivers is simple yet profound: “Do your best with integrity and compassion, and your work will never go unnoticed.” Her passion, commitment, and love for her profession are evident in everything she does, making her a true role model in the field of caregiving.

Join us in congratulating Josephine DeHerrera, MGA Homecare’s Caregiver of the Year 2023, and celebrating her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to her patients.