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Celebrating Occupational Therapy Month

April 1st is often seen as a day for pranks but at MGA Homecare we recognize it as the start of Occupational Therapy Month! OT month may not be a joke, but it is certainly filled with our patient’s laughter, playtime, and growth. April is a month to give thanks to all the amazing occupational therapists at MGA who work tirelessly with their patients that may have a disability, illness, or injury.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is all about setting and achieving goals with our patients and families, to improve their activities of daily living. Patients’ needs and goals may involve strategies to support self-care skills, sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, and helping families learn about the evidence-based practice to help create better opportunities for connecting with their child.

What better way to celebrate Occupational Therapy Month than to highlight some of MGA’s OTs and learn what inspires them to be part of this amazing profession?

Lindsey Alcantara is an OT Clinical Supervisor in Denver. When she’s not spending time with her family, playing the trumpet, or snowboarding, she loves connecting with other clinicians in the field to discuss the work they do and to find ways to better support her clients. Lindsey “enjoys the creative thinking and problem solving inherent in supporting each individual client’s needs. It’s fun coming up with interventions that incorporate client interests to help them achieve their therapy goals.” For families interested in MGA OT services, Lindsey wants you to know “Your OT is dedicated to supporting you and your child so that you can participate fully in meaningful daily activities. Enjoy the process and celebrate the progress you make together!”

Kathryn Feeney is an OT Clinical Supervisor in Pueblo. She loves working with children and families to meet their goals and make a positive impact. Working at MGA Homecare means “working with the best team and staff around!” When it comes to families looking for MGA OT services Kathryn wants you to know, “don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Occupational therapy can provide interventions to assist with developing skills or making adaptations to perform meaningful activities.”

Kathryn Haston is an OT Supervisor in Fort Worth and has been with MGA Homecare since 2019. She loves starting her days with the fun shenanigans her kids and families have in store for her. Making positive relationships can make all the difference when working with children and their families. Kathryn enjoys using her creative side to come up with new and interesting activities that can really help a child grow. She has a word of advice for families looking for MGA OT services, “It’s really important to be involved as much as you can be with your child’s care and complete all assignments.”

Jenny Jamo is the Area Vice President of Clinical Operations in Colorado. What is her favorite part of working at MGA Homecare? “Seeing the hard work, we put in every day to improve the lives of the children and families in our community. We make a direct impact that is a driving force to support the amazing clinicians working with MGA families.” Her advice to families seeking MGA OT services is, “Invest your time in every OT session to learn and understand what the therapist is doing to improve outcomes and reach your child’s goals. You are a critical factor in your child’s growth and development alongside the OT professionals.”

Kaley Medsger Reed is an OT Clinical Supervisor in Austin. She loves working with the people at MGA Homecare, “We have an amazing crew! From the therapists to the operations team.” Her favorite part of being in OT is “Getting to witness and facilitate the therapists’ Ah-Ha moments when they are working with their clients. Especially when it comes to sensory integration.” Kaley will be the first to tell you, “It works! I love getting to help teach that on a weekly basis.” Working at MGA Homecare allows her to help kids with disabilities learn how much potential they have, “makes my job the best in the world!”

Erika Mountz is the Area Therapy Director for Texas. She has been an Occupational Therapist for 28 years and 5 years at MGA. She also enjoys “being part of a process that helps therapists and families connect and provide great access to care that allows their child to make progress.” Erika loves the team of clinicians she works with and shares in the joy of the families and children as they make improvements to reach their goals.

Michele Rutherford is an OT Clinical Supervisor in Colorado Springs. When it comes to working at MGA Homecare, Michele enjoys “supporting fantastic clinicians who make a difference every day and seeing a variety of wonderful patients.” Her advice to families looking for Occupational Therapy services would be, “OT through MGA engages every child in meaningful goal-oriented activities that facilitates developmental skill acquisition as well as parent education and support. MGA works as a team to provide comprehensive quality to each and every child.”

Jessica Stoker started out at MGA Homecare as a COTA and is now an Administrative Care Manager in the Pueblo office. Outside the office, she enjoys hiking with her husband and pups, going to concerts, and knitting. Jessica makes a difference every day at MGA by interviewing therapists and pairing them with families in need of our services. When asked what her favorite part of working at MGA is, she replied “Oh man, Everything! The support has been amazing, the sense of family and community, it is a wonderful place to work.” Her professional advice for families looking for MGA OT services is, “If you’re looking for someone who cares deeply and will get your child to progress toward their goals, then choose MGA. You should be an active part of treatment and advocate for your child. No one knows them better than you.”

We are very thankful for the amazing Occupational Therapy team at MGA Homecare. Their passion to achieve their patients’ goals, seeing them progress, and supporting the family is why we are so proud of this team!

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