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Celebrating Pediatric Nurses Week: Why I’m a #ProudPediatricNurse

This Pediatric Nurses Week, MGA Home Healthcare recognizes and celebrates the hard work, compassion and dedication that goes into being an in-home pediatric nurse. Caring for kids with specialized needs is an important calling. Here’s why.

Not only do our nurses provide the best possible medical care, but they also put a focus on understanding and building positive relationships with the families of each patient. In short, in-home nursing provides life-changing opportunities for both the patient and caregiver.

To highlight some of our nurses this celebratory week, we asked each of our Clinical Directors to nominate an MGA nurse who often goes above and beyond and puts an emphasis on being a role model colleague. Our nominees chatted through their job highlights with us and explained why they are proud to be pediatric nurses. Here’s what each had to say:

Kids are inspiring.

“I’m proud to be a pediatric nurse because working with kids is simply amazing. They are resilient, inspiring and eager for what’s ahead of them. My job is especially interesting because I’m the first point of contact after a kiddo comes home from hospitalization. Having the opportunity to work with parents, to support them, to teach them and watch a family thrive is an amazing experience. This job keeps my creativity and wonder alive,” said Ciara Gador, Clinical Lead – Visits, Colorado Springs.

I can express my creativity.

“There’s a creative side to pediatric nursing that I love. Each patient is different which means I am always coming up with new ideas of how to meet their needs, connect with the family and provide the best care. My favorite part is seeing how the work of our nursing team over the course of time positively impacts a patient,” said Jasmine Hickenbottom, Clinical Supervisor, Austin.

I am able to build positive relationships.

“Making a difference in the lives of others, whether big or small, is what’s important. I strive to be a positive role model for not only the patients and families I serve, but for my coworkers as well. As a Clinical Case Manager, I hope to continue to create a positive environment where others can grow. It can be a challenge to constantly adapt to new families and patients so it’s important for me to make them feel understood in order to build a trusted relationship that in the end makes the difference,” said Rebeca Verduzco-Padilla, Clinical Case Manager, Phoenix.

I become part of their story.

“One of the main reasons I am proud to be a pediatric nurse is because I get to be part of a patient’s story, no matter how long or short-term. I also have the opportunity to be on a team that is able to provide families the independence they want and need. It’s a joy to work with pediatric patients who show such resilience and happiness, even in difficult times,” said Kodie Rabroker, Clinical Supervisor, Dallas.

Kids are the best teachers.

“Watching kids grow, reach developmental milestones, and go through improvements or setbacks is an incredible learning experience. Seeing someone so spirited and courageous at such a young age makes you view life differently. I have the privilege of learning from these kiddos every day and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to care for them and be there for the families,” said Kelsie Hahn, Clinical Supervisor, Denver.

Help us celebrate our amazing and hard-working pediatric nurses in the comment section! Have your own reason for being a proud pediatric nurse? Share it with us below.

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