MGA CelebratesPhysical Therapy

Celebrating Physical Therapy Month with MGA Homecare: Meet Our Dedicated Therapists


October is a special month for us at MGA Homecare as we celebrate Physical Therapy Month, an opportunity to recognize the incredible contributions of our team of physical therapists. These passionate individuals work tirelessly to help children reach their full potential, all while providing care in the comfort of their homes. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on some of our dedicated therapists, including Dayna Hamilton, Jennifer Irwin, Ashley Heister, Melissa Alanis, and Cori Joyce. Let’s get to know them better and discover what drives their commitment to making a difference in the lives of the children they serve. 


Dayna Hamilton – Clinical Supervisor (3 years at MGA)- Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Her personal experiences deeply influenced Dayna’s journey into the world of physical therapy. She recalls spending summers with her grandparents, where she witnessed her grandfather’s remarkable progress through physical therapy after a life-altering accident.

This transformative experience inspired her to pursue a career in physical therapy. Her advice to those considering joining the MGA PT team is to remain flexible and prioritize meeting the unique needs of each family. Dayna loves working in homecare, as it allows her to treat children in their familiar environment, fostering creativity and tailoring treatments to their specific needs. Her goal is to see our kiddos excited about therapy, maximizing their functional abilities, and participating fully in their communities. 

In her free time, Dayna enjoys hiking with her husband and furry companions, followed by indulging in delicious treats from food trucks. 


Jennifer Irwin – Clinical Supervisor (Hired in March 2020)- Austin, Texas 

Jennifer’s path to becoming a physical therapist was paved during her high school years when she received physical therapy as an athlete. The supportive and rewarding environment of PT inspired her to pursue this career, and she’s been with MGA Homecare since March 2020. Jennifer’s advice for potential team members is to never hesitate to ask for help, as the MGA PT team values collaboration and support. 

Working in the homecare field holds a special place in Jennifer’s heart, as it allows her to witness patients’ progress in their own environments, making their daily lives easier and more comfortable. She hopes that every patient has a fun, enjoyable, and empowering experience with MGA. 

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys running, spending quality moments with her loved ones, and whipping up delicious meals. 


Ashley Heister – Director of Therapy (12+ years at MGA)- Pueblo, Colorado 

Ashley’s lifelong connection to physical therapy began when she accompanied her mother to PT sessions as a child. The welcoming environment and the impact it had on people’s lives left a lasting impression. Her advice for prospective MGA PT team members is to be vocal about their expectations and never shy away from seeking guidance when needed. 

Working in homecare allows Ashley to meet patients where they are, providing them with personalized care that aligns with their daily lives. She believes in putting families first, helping them make informed decisions, and prioritizing their unique goals. 

In her free time, Ashley loves exploring her beautiful state with her son, tending to her garden, and creating delicious culinary delights. 


Melissa Alanis – Therapy Supervisor (2 years at MGA)- San Antonio, Texas 

Melissa’s entry into the world of physical therapy was sparked by her grandmother’s knee injury, which led her to volunteer at a clinic. She discovered her passion for making exercises fun for children, and that’s exactly what she does at MGA. Her advice to aspiring MGA PT team members is simple yet profound: have an open heart to make a difference in a child’s life. 

Working in homecare, Melissa relishes helping children achieve their goals in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their favorite toys. She aims for a strong connection between the therapist and patient while witnessing remarkable progress. 

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys leisurely walks with her 10-year-old dog and savoring tacos with her loved ones. 


Cori Joyce – Clinical Supervisor (2 years at MGA)- Denver, Colorado 

Cori’s journey into physical therapy began when she had to undergo PT herself as a high school student. Her exceptional PT therapist left a lasting impression, inspiring her to choose this path. Cori emphasizes the excellent mentoring and support system at MGA, urging potential team members to communicate their expectations. 

Working in homecare offers Cori the flexibility she values, allowing her to create a therapeutic environment using the resources available in patients’ homes. She hopes that patients and their families feel cared for, respected, and appreciated throughout their journey with MGA. 

During her free time, Cori enjoys outdoor adventures with her family, watching her kids participate in sports, hiking, and cherishing quality family moments. 


Jaclyn Chan – Clinical Supervisor (Since January 2021)- Dallas, Texas 

Jaclyn’s path into physical therapy was ignited by her cousin’s journey with cerebral palsy. She observed that early intervention could have made a significant difference in his life, motivating her to specialize in pediatric care. Her advice to potential MGA PT team members is simple yet powerful: have a genuine passion for the work, and prioritize empathy and care for families, as these qualities cannot be taught but are essential for success. 

Working in the homecare field, Jaclyn finds fulfillment in showing families that they can incorporate exercises into their daily routines using items readily available at home, without the need for fancy gym equipment or toys. 

In her free time, Jaclyn enjoys cooking, baking, staying active through workouts, and satisfying her wanderlust by exploring new cities and cultures.  


At MGA Homecare, our physical therapy team is not just dedicated to improving children’s physical abilities but also to providing families with the support and care they need. We’re proud to have such passionate and caring individuals on our team, making a significant impact in the lives of the children and families we serve. As we celebrate Physical Therapy Month, we thank all our PTs for their unwavering commitment to our mission. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! 

If you’ve been inspired by our dedicated therapists and are interested in joining the MGA Homecare team, we welcome you to explore our career opportunities. Currently, we offer therapy services in Colorado and Texas, and we have a wide range of positions in home health available across various markets, including Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington. We’re also continuously expanding into new states, so stay tuned for more opportunities to join our team.  

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