CNA Spotlight: Kendra Lubin

We love celebrating the successes of not only our patients and their families, but their care providers as well. It’s even better when those two worlds overlap. Kendra Lubin, graduate nurse, has been working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for MGA Homecare for a few years now, caring for her son, Hunter. Kendra just recently completed her registered nursing program and to celebrate, we wanted to share the story of her journey as a healthcare professional and mother.

Growing up, Kendra’s mother and grandmother both worked as special education teachers, inspiring her to work in healthcare and with children. After graduating from high school, Lubin got her start in special education and child care while working in a psychiatric center that focused on special needs children requiring behavioral health services.

“Working there allowed me to learn about special needs and all that these kids have to offer,” said Kendra. “Years later I had my son and I feel that my whole young adulthood prepared me for him.”

Kendra has been a CNA for 12 years, with an impressive list of previous job titles: United States Army service member, licensed massage therapist and emergency dispatcher just to name a few. Most recent to her CNA experience, she worked with patients in a brain injury clinic.

When her son, Hunter, became ill Kendra had to leave the brain injury clinic in order to care for him. That’s when she decided to go through a CNA program and become his primary caregiver.

“When I first became a CNA, I started off with another company and switched to MGA Homecare when Hunter’s previous speech-language pathologist recommended the company. She had nothing but great things to say, so I made the move,” said Kendra.

Working as a caregiver for Hunter gives Kendra the opportunity to ensure he’s being properly cared for but also gives her the chance to spend time and create fond memories with him.

“We love to go all over the place – especially to the Zoo and the Denver Aquarium,” said Kendra. “He also enjoys going shopping and to sporting events; baseball games are his favorite. We do everything together and are always on the move from one thing to the next.”

Although Kendra always seems so busy, she’s made sure to take time for herself and accomplish her goals. Earlier in her career, she went to school to become a massage therapist which provided her the motivation and some of the prerequisites to take the next steps toward becoming a registered nurse. She had her eyes set on her next educational goal: the Pikes Peak Community College Nursing program.

“I had a 4.0 going into nursing school from my prerequisites which led me to believe nursing school would be a piece of cake,” recalls Lubin. “I was very wrong. It was challenging and sometimes there were tears and sometimes there were laughs. Pikes Peak is one of the top-rated community colleges in the country and it’s a great, but difficult program.”

After two years of hard work and dedication, Kendra is now a graduate nurse and is getting ready to take the nursing board exam to become a registered nurse in Colorado. While she plans to continue helping with Hunter’s care, she finds herself increasingly interested in infusion therapy and psychology. As someone who is always exploring new career paths and marking educational goals off the list, Kendra plans to pursue options in those two fields.

Kendra is proof that if you have a strong support system and the drive to chase your dreams, you can accomplish your goals.

“It can be hard when your child is ill, but things are possible even when we think they aren’t,” said Kendra. “If you’re on the fence about going back to school, go for it! It might take you a little longer than others, but that’s okay. Lean on your support system, MGA was mine, and do your best. Find an organization or group of people that will do what MGA has done for me.”

We’re equally as lucky to have Kendra on our team. Thanks for all you do for your family and the greater Colorado Springs community. We wish you the best in your next steps as an RN!

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