CNA Spotlight: Samantha Parrott

Continuing with our celebration of Nursing Assistants Week, we’d like to share the story of one of our certified nursing assistants who works hard to ensure our patients are well taken care of. Samantha Parrott is a certified nursing assistant who has been working with one of our MGA Homecare families in Denver for the past five years.

Sam first became a CNA back in 2010 – something that she didn’t see as part of her life plan. When her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, Sam and her sister went through a CNA program in order to help provide in-home care. Prior to becoming a CNA and eventually relocating to Colorado, Sam worked in a daycare in Austin, TX.

“I really enjoy working with kids and working in daycare was great, but being from Colorado, I couldn’t take the Austin heat anymore and decided to move back,” said Sam. “After returning to Colorado, I saw an ad for MGA Homecare and decided to give it a try. It has been eight years and I’m still loving it.”

Sam believes one of the great benefits of working as an in-home CNA is that you get to really be a part of patients’ life and spend more time getting to know and understand their family.

“I’m with my current patient seven hours a day, five days a week,” said Sam. “I get to spend my days caring for him in a way that’s more involved than a clinical environment. We try to be active and get outside by going to the park or doing some sort of activity that involves water. Being able to spend time with him in and out of the home while watching him grow is the best part of my job.”

Through working as a CNA, Sam has been able to help not only her patient but his family as well. She’s been able to see firsthand the positive impact being an in-home CNA has on a working parent.

“My work has allowed my patients’ dad the opportunity to keep his day job and earn an income for his family, knowing his son is well taken care of at home,” said Sam. “If anyone is interested in the healthcare field, I would definitely recommend becoming a CNA and seeing what doors it might open.”

Just like Sam provides continuous support to the family of her patient, she feels she receives the same from the MGA Homecare team.

“The staff at MGA have made everything so easy and they’re always happy to help take care of me, especially my lead RN,” said Sam. “If given the opportunity to do something different, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love working in this field.”

We’d like to say thanks to Sam for taking the time to share her story with us and for the work she does every day. If you have any interest in working as an in-home care clinician and want to know what to expect going into the field, you can learn more at or from our recent blog posts.

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