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Congratulations to Casey Mastreno, Director of Nursing, Pueblo

MGA Home Healthcare is pleased to announce the promotion of Casey Mastreno to Director of Nursing, Pueblo.

Casey began his MGA journey in 2012 as a field nurse in Colorado Springs with little knowledge of pediatric private duty nursing. After his introductory home care experience, he fell in love with this all-encompassing form of nursing and knew he was meant to follow in the footsteps of his mom, an early education teacher.

In September of 2014 Casey was promoted to a case management position and began servicing patients and families in Pueblo, just south of where he was born and raised. From there he took on the position of Clinical Supervisor with a subsequent promotion to Director of Nursing.

In his new role, Casey is focused on compliance, ensuring the bond of his clinical team as it grows, and perfecting the level of service and integrity the community depends on – all while having fun.

“That’s really what it’s all about,” says Casey. “There is a seriousness to the work we do. We want to make sure we are doing things right, but it’s important to have fun in your job and to bring that element to your patients too.”

As Casey works to prep for licensure, staff his team, and optimize Pueblo’s new office space, he recalls his journey to this point and credits MGA for recognizing his need for autonomy and creating something new.

“This company is really great at fostering and seeing something in an individual that will make them successful,” he says.

Heather Politz, Director of Clinical Services, Colorado Springs said “Casey is truly one of a kind, and a pivotal member of the MGA team/family. He is passionate, intelligent, caring, kind, and always goes above and beyond. He has a very strong work ethic, always seeking to collaborate to find solutions & ways to improve quality of life for patients/families, an amazing team member who helps others in any way he can, and a great leader who leads by example to others.”

“The trajectory from field nurse to director of nursing has been a lot of hard work, but I never felt MGA wasn’t there to support me,” continues Casey. “It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m very grateful.”

When Casey is not hard at work, he enjoys time with friends and the big Italian family his fiancé and him share.

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