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Congratulations to Dereak Fredrick, Director of Operations, Home Healthcare, Phoenix, AZ

The MGA Home Healthcare team is pleased to announce the promotion of Derek Fredrick to Director of Operations, Phoenix, AZ.

Film student, stand-up comic, car salesman. Three intriguing titles that come to mind when Derek, a Prescott, Arizona native, recalls his career path to this point. After studying cinematography and film/video production at Yavapai College, Derek went on to work for Camelback Toyota while exploring stand-up comedy locally at various open mic nights. Unsure of his intended career path, Derek applied for a recruiting position with MGA Home Healthcare in 2014 on a friend’s tip.

Over the last four years, Derek has been promoted three times by MGA leadership to Client Service Manager, Client Service Manager Supervisor, and presently Director of Operations. So how did someone with zero clinical background find success with a niche pediatric home care company?

According to Trevor Rogers, the administrator for MGA’s Phoenix home health division, Derek’s success stems from his confident leadership skills and contributions to MGA’s overall mission.

“Since joining the MGA family, Derek has proven to be a strong and positive influencer in all facets of our business.  We are all very proud to work with Derek and look forward to seeing what he brings to his new role in the future.”

Before Derek could lead, he had to learn the business. He recalls the process of cold calling nurses as a new recruit – a challenging part of the job. Much like his freefall into stand-up comedy, Derek embraced his novice status and put himself out there, learning directly from the source.

“Cold calls helped me a lot. I received most of my industry knowledge from talking with nurses on the phone,” said Derek.“They weren’t always looking for employment, but were happy to answer my questions.”

Now in his fourth year with MGA, Derek will be honing his leadership skills and creative instinct to help turn ideas into reality as Director of Operations. He is excited to work across departments to find solutions that make everyday operations run more efficiently while supporting others on their road to similar achievement.

“Before this job, I didn’t know pediatric home care existed. It’s exciting – to discover a world you can be successful in that you didn’t know existed before,” continued Derek.

When Derek is not working at MGA, you may still find him dabbling in local stand-up comedy or watching his favorite movie, Dumb and Dumber.

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