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Employee of the Quarter – Cory Stevenson – Denver, Colorado

The MGA Family is pleased to announce that Cory Stevenson MOT, OTR/L, has been named our Therapy Employee of the Quarter for Denver, Colorado!

Each quarter, MGA Homecare selects one therapist per location as the Therapist of the Quarter. To achieve this prestigious honor, an employee must: give above and beyond for families, documentation must be timely, they have received regular feedback from their clients, and demonstrates good teamwork.

Who is Cory?

Cory Stevenson is an Occupational Therapist working in the Denver, CO MGA Homecare office. Cory is able to connect with a variety of families on a personal level. She’s able to use this special bond she develops in order to maximize the effectiveness of her sessions, even when the medically fragile children are not showing excitement for therapy services.

Cory has been excellent with the timeliness and quality of her documentation.​ Her clients always remark how punctual she is and always carries herself in a professional and caring manner. She has excellent communication skills between both our clients as well as her teammates and other employees.

Cory has excelled in areas well beyond her years since her debut at MGA. She is an excellent communicator with families and her MGA team alike and her documentation has consistently been of quality. Cory’s ability to cultivate relationships with her families has created an environment rich with progress and excitement. That environment enables her to get the most out of her kiddos during and in between therapy sessions.

Patient/Parent Testimonials

“Cory is always on time and when a situation arises where she will be late, Cory always gives us plenty of notice.”

“Cory has built a great relationship with him and he and the family can tell she really cares a lot. Kiddo even cries when she leaves at times.”

“Our child loves working with Cory. He is always excited when Corey comes to the home to provide care.”

We are so honored to have Cory on the MGA Homecare team!

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