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Employee of the Quarter – Ellen Andrews, PT – Colorado Springs, CO

The MGA Family is pleased to announce that Ellen Andrews, PT, has been named our Therapy Employee of the Quarter for Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Each quarter, MGA Homecare selects one therapist per location as the Therapist of the Quarter. To achieve this prestigious honor, an employee must: give above and beyond for families, documentation must be timely, they have received regular feedback from their clients, and demonstrates good teamwork.

Who is Ellen?

Ellen is a PT who has been employed with MGA for the past 7 years! Her career has focused around pediatrics in various settings across multiple states. She treats children with varying ability levels and helps them reach their highest potential through use of various skilled interventions. She has furthered her PT knowledge base by taking courses in areas that include: Neurodevelopment Treatment, Total Motion Release TOTS, and Reflex Integration with Body Mapping. She works to address the whole patient to help the kids she treats obtain their greatest possible outcomes.

Ellen is a walking knowledge base! She enjoys assisting other therapists with challenging cases, and has a keen eye for identifying the source of problem. Her passion for working with children with special needs is inspiring!

Ellen has been a cornerstone of our MGA Colorado Springs Therapy Team since the beginning. Her solid clinical skills have allowed her to help a wide variety of kids. She has provided education to our staff, introducing the team to Total Motion Release and the benefits it has for the pediatric population.


“Ellen is a highly valued clinician on our Colorado Springs therapy team. Her knowledge and clinical skill are second to none, and she has a keen ability to share her knowledge to develop other clinicians around her. She truly makes our entire team better!”

“Our son has made so many great gains in the 5 years Ellen has worked with him. With her help, he gained the strength and coordination to push himself up into sitting, all by himself, at age 6. Ellen has seen our son through some very difficult times in his health and has never given up on him. She recognizes the limitations of his significant disabilities while also seeing and challenging him toward his potential”

We are so honored to have Ellen on the MGA Homecare team!

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