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Employee of the Quarter – Lori Warnement – Colorado Springs, CO

The MGA Family is pleased to announce that Lori Warnement, RN, has been named our Nurse Employee of the Quarter for Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Each quarter, MGA Homecare selects one nurse per location as the Nurse of the Quarter. To achieve this prestigious honor, an employee must: give above and beyond for families, documentation must be timely, they have received regular feedback from their clients, and demonstrates good teamwork.

Who is Lori?

Lori Warnement, RN, started in healthcare as a NICU nurse, but took time off to stay at home and raise her children. During this time while she was volunteering at church she received a call from an MGA recruiter about a nursing opportunity in Homecare pediatrics.

As the story goes her husband answered the phone and let the recruiter know he’d pass along the message. Lori was hesitant to call the recruiter back, since she hadn’t practiced nursing in years. Her husband encouraged her to return the call. She came in for an interview, was told of the great training available at MGA and investment in her success and the rest was history!

Lori is very engaging with fellow employees and offers help whenever possible (i.e. allowing other nursing to shadow her). When a nurse that is new to MGA shadows Lori, they rave about how amazing and knowledgeable she is. She’s also very involved with her client’s therapy sessions (which the therapists have mentioned is so awesome and helpful).

Lori is caring, passionate, empathetic and dependable! The bond and trust she’s created with not only her clients, but the family as well is unmatched. They absolutely adores her and considers her part of the family.

While Lori was out on surgery to show their appreciation and how much they missed her they setup huge letters in the front of their home saying: “We Missed You”! It was so special!


Occupational Therapist, Lori Ganz, OT:

She has observed many of these traits and the nurse is incredible with patient and her passion is evident. She was probably the most involved of all the nurses I have seen in action.”

Clinical Case Manager, Jennifer Washington RN:

“In clinical terms, she does a great job being independent/managing orders and updating the POC for patient, collaborating with all members of the health care team, and advocating for her patient.

She has been very dependable for the client/family and frequently puts their needs above her own.

Additionally, Lori NEVER complains! She has a great attitude and I appreciate the clinical skills she brings to the table.”

We are so honored to have Lori on the MGA Homecare team!

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MGA Homecare operates like a family upholding values of teamwork, integrity, and honesty to create an environment that is professional, caring, and enjoyable. What truly sets us apart is the relationships we build with each other and our families. .

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