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Inside Pediatric Home Care: Client Service Management

Here at MGA Homecare, it’s our number one priority to make sure patients using our services are matched with the resources and care they need in order to thrive at home. We utilize a full team of well-coordinated professionals to help ensure the best possible client outcomes. When a family first gets in contact with us, we make sure parents understand every step of the home healthcare process. Home care can seem foreign, so we do everything we can do to assist our families once they’ve started their home care journey.

Coordination is Key

While our client-care team is primarily comprised of health service professionals such as CNAs, nurses and therapists that deliver care directly in the home, it also includes members who spend their days ensuring all points of care are being coordinated appropriately. These individuals make up our client service manager (CSM) team.

As part of our operational team, CSMs work directly with patient families and field clinicians on a case by case basis to ensure a great match between the caretaker and patient. We spoke with John Lazarich, a CSM in our Phoenix office, to get firsthand insight on everything client management related.

“One of my major responsibilities is managing both sides of the patient-clinician relationship,” said John. “I work closely with our families to determine the care schedule that works best with their child’s healthcare needs and then coordinate with our network of nurses to create the best fit.”

Once a family has a solidified plan of care from their physician and communicates their desired needs, CSMs get to work finding a clinician(s) with the right skill set to fulfill the patient’s needs.

“We do our best to provide the best experience for our clinicians as well as our families,” shared John. “We want to make our clinicians are treated well and are properly trained to use services and equipment. Our focus is to match clinicians with patients based on clinician experience, plus we work hard to consider schedule requests and commutes whenever possible.”

Going the Extra Mile

Since CSMs serve as the link between our clinicians and patients, it’s important our teams understand the needs of both parties and can communicate these care needs effectively. Going the extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied is a top priority.

“A good client service manager is someone who can build a strong, trusting relationship with our families and clinicians so everyone feels comfortable sharing honest feedback on how service is being performed,” said John. “Trust between all parties is the most important part of home healthcare and that starts with building relationships so those we work with are able to trust us to make the best possible decisions.”

At MGA Homecare, we believe in creating a well-planned, effective network of professionals to help patients and families along their home care journey. Our dedicated care team works hard every day to ensure high-quality clinical care with individualized attention and support.

Are you in need of pediatric nursing or therapy services, but aren’t sure what to expect? We can help! Give us a call or check out our FAQ page for more information.





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