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Jenny Jamo, Director of Clinical Education, Featured on Podcast, Celebrates MGA Promotion

“When we say we don’t have time, we’re lying to ourselves,” says Jenny Jamo, Director of Clinical Education at MGA Homecare. “We need to change the narrative and see what it feels like to say, ‘I’m not making that a priority right now,’” she explains. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel good. Once you hear yourself say that regarding your values, you’ll find that suddenly, time makes itself available.

Jenny recently earned a promotion and was featured on a podcast to tell her story.

Putting Things ‘On Hold’ is Rarely and Option

Straight talk from a woman who knows what she’s talking about. She’s raising two kids, has a husband in the military—who happened to get deployed just as she decided to return to school—and tried to put most things, except work as an occupational therapist assistant and clinical educator-therapy, on hold while she earned her Doctorate full time.

As most working mothers know, it’s a rare list of things that can indeed be put ‘on hold.’

Jenny’s story is one of perseverance. She first went to school for financial planning, but after she had her first child, it was hard to go back to work for a job that she didn’t love. “If I was going to make a change,” she said, “I was going to be at the top of my field and get all the education I could,” she says.

Back to School and Advancing Her Career

Once she got accepted to a school of her choice, her husband got deployed. Not to be deterred, she decided they would figure it out. She would continue with her plans for going back to school and lean on her support system.

“There’s never a good time,” she says. And to her point, if we say that we don’t have time, we’re really saying, ‘It’s not important.’ Getting her Doctorate was, and is most definitely, important so she can do all the things she values. She also just received a well-deserved promotion at MGA Homecare to Director of Clinical Education.

Congrats, Jenny! 

Congrats to Jenny on your doctoral degree and your promotion here at MGA! The help you give to others selflessly is unending. We are happy to be part of your support system. Listen to Jenny on “Inspiring Women of the 719” Podcast here.  MGA is always looking for those who are just as driven as Jenny. Think you got what it takes? Check out our open positions today.





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