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Katherine Meng Announced as 2021 Caregiver of The Year Winner for MGA Texas

MGA Homecare is proud to announce the winners for Caregiver of the Year. These state winners are nominated and selected based on the positive impact they have had on the lives of their patients and employees. For the 2021 year, we are celebrating our MGA Texas winner, Katherine Meng, Physical Therapist!

Her Passion in Physical Therapy

After graduating from physical therapy (PT) school and passing her board exam, Katherine landed her first pediatric home healthcare position at MGA Homecare, back in August of 2019. Her career path first began after she received physical therapy herself. “I decided on PT over other fields of healthcare after getting injured in high school and spending some time receiving physical therapy myself. I did some volunteering at pediatrics clinics in college and enjoyed the creativity and fun that this field could bring me.” Katherine shares that her career goal is to help people and make a difference in their lives. “Seeing a parent’s face as their kid reaches a big milestone we’ve been working on” has been the highlight of being a physical therapist. “It looks different for each patient but is just as rewarding each time!”

Life at MGA Homecare

After being a part of the MGA Homecare team for almost 3 years this summer, Katherine shares that she has enjoyed the overall sense of belonging as a pediatric therapist within the home healthcare setting. “You truly become a part of these families’ lives and get to know them in a more personal setting than any other field!” She recognizes that home healthcare can feel isolated, but “our MGA office really tries to make us feel supported and commends us on our efforts.”

Yet, the biggest aspect Katherine has learned since becoming a physical therapist is flexibility when working with pediatrics. “I am the typical Type A personality and truly had to learn how to adapt and go with the flow to best serve my patients. Usually what I have in mind for a session is not what ends up happening, as kids have their own plans and wishes!”

But when Katherine is not making a difference in the lives of her patients, in her free time she enjoys doing a variety of activities. “I enjoy camping or going on walks with my fiancé and our dog. We also love to snuggle up on the couch and watch a good Marvel movie!”


Our patients and employees are proud to have nominated Katherine for Caregiver of the Year. Below, they shared with us their positive thoughts and experiences for her!

“She has been working with my daughter on PT for over a year now. Brings tears of happiness to my eyes when I watch my daughter move and groove all over that place. This would not have been possible with our Kat.”

“I want to nominate Kat Meng for Caregiver of the Year. She has gone above and beyond for our daughter. She is very observant during her therapy sessions and is proactive with her approach to correcting our daughter’s developmental issues. She is a great communicator. Her smile can be felt even though it is covered with a mask. Kat sends reminders of her visits and explains our homework thoroughly to maximize our therapy sessions. She advocates for our daughter so that she reaches her milestones. Her approach is thoughtful and creative. She amazes us with how she keeps our 2 year old’s attention the whole time.  She is patient, kind, and nurturing. We trust her completely. She takes pride in her work, and it shows. She’s always on time. We appreciate all that she has accomplished with our daughter. Kat deserves this award every year!”


MGA Homecare is proud to have a compassionate, hardworking individual like Katherine on our team!

If you are interested in working for MGA Homecare, visit our careers page!

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