Kathryn Feeney
MGA Awards

Kathryn Feeney, OT, Therapist of the Quarter Pueblo, Colorado

Kathryn Feeney is an occupational therapist who enjoys the combination of science and creativity that she brings to her work. “I enjoy building my sessions around what my client needs and enjoys,” she says.

The Concordia University graduate went to school in Wisconsin and knew she wanted to be in the health field but wasn’t sure which direction to take. When she learned about occupational therapy, she knew her search was over, and her career could begin.

She finds satisfaction in her daily work because she works with kids and truly makes a difference in their lives. “One of my clients recently was able to do a trial for an Obi Robotic Feeder, and she finally was able to get the funding to have one,” she says. Kathryn was a vital part of the entire process helping the family navigate the paperwork and then teaching her patient how to use it. “It has switches she can activate with her feet, so she is more independent,” she explains.

Kathryn also helps clients meet goals for fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and meeting developmental milestones. She enjoys being present when kids meet these goals, and recently during a session, a client was able to get to her hands and knees on her own for the first time. “It’s so rewarding to watch kids meet their goals and become more independent every day,” she says.

Kathryn enjoys the flexibility that working at MGA affords her, and also loves working with the wonderful team down in Pueblo, as well as Springs. “By far, this is the best job I’ve ever had,” she says. She predicts she will stay working with kids because the work is so rewarding and engaging.





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