Luong Nguyen Announced as 2021 Caregiver of The Year Winner for MGA Arizona

MGA Homecare is proud to announce the winners for Caregiver of the Year. These state winners are nominated and selected based on the positive impact they have on the lives of their patients and employees. For the 2021 year, we are celebrating our MGA Arizona winner, Luong Nguyen, LPN!

In the Life of a LPN

Luong’s journey as a LPN first began with the impact his father had on him. “My father was in the healthcare profession himself, and I grew up in a household with emphasis on the healthcare field as a useful career and the necessary life skills.” Since then, Luong has been in the home healthcare field for over 3 years.

He shares that since being a LPN, the few memories that stand out to him the most, have been the satisfaction of seeing his patients graduate from the services they were receiving. As well as the difficult time when his patient passed away while he was there with them. But becoming a LPN has taught Luong that “we have to work with and around our patient’s/client’s family dynamics for the care of both the patient/client and their family”. He says it is important to give the family a respite from the challenges that come with caring for a loved one as well.

Being on the MGA Team

Luong has been a part of MGA Homecare for over 3 years now, after joining the team as a new graduate. He shares that the communication has been wonderful. Whether it’s the choices of patients or where in Arizona he has to work, “the work schedule choices and rearrangements for the need of going back to school” has been very accommodating.

Yet, he enjoys many aspects when it comes to being on the MGA team. “They’re still looking out for my best interest, even when I think I am not.” He is grateful for the fact that he can focus on his own work because he understands that MGA is still there to help and support him when things get busy.

But Luong also enjoys his time outside of MGA Homecare. He is “working on improving and enhancing my nursing education/skills set to further advance my nursing knowledge and care providing abilities.” He also shares that he enjoys the outdoors, participating in a variety of activities such as biking, wall climbing, and visiting restaurants!


Our patients and employees are proud to have nominated Luong for Caregiver of the Year. Below, they shared with us their positive thoughts and experiences of him!

“I would like to nominate Luong Nguyen, LPN for nurse of the quarter. Luong is always reliable and very knowledgeable when it comes to the care of his patients. Luong travels to help many of our patients for fill-ins and the families love him. He takes care of very high acuity patients with many needs and is always willing to help out. Luong is very caring with his patients and thorough in his assessment and communication with the MGA team. I believe Luong deserves nurse of the quarter for his dedication to our MGA patients and families.”

“Luong started his homecare career as a new grad with MGA back in February 2019. With time, he has grown to be a confident and excellent nurse. His need for being meticulous with every new client he works with has shown his true dedication to diligence and we could not be more grateful to have him as part of our team!”

MGA Homecare is proud to have a dedicated, hardworking individual like Luong on our team!

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