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Meet Kelly Rapp, Speech Therapist

Kelly Rapp, a speech therapist in Denver, Colo., has been doing what she loves since 2016. “Speech therapy aligns with my values – communication and the joy of eating!” Speech therapy includes not just words but teaching kids how to swallow if they suffer from dysphagia.

Kelly is not just a keen communicator, but an astute foodie as well. What better profession for her to have?

Congratulations to Kelly who has been named MGA’s Q3 Therapist of the Quarter!

Kelly started working in the Aurora School District where she worked with kids from preschool to grade 8. She then worked in a skilled nursing facility with the elderly. Kelly’s experience with people of all ages has given her a deep appreciation for people at every stage of life.

“I love the flexibility I have with MGA,” she explains. “I get to see my kids’ progress, get to know the family, and truly be a part of their journey,” Kelly says. After building up her caseload, Kelly works with kids of all ages.

One of Kelly’s favorite experiences has been working with a two-year-old girl who was born 24 weeks premature. As a super preemie, the little girls’ communication skills were delayed. “When I first started working with her, she could just say ‘bye and wave,” explains Kelly. “Now she speaks around 60 to 70 words and is starting to put words together. She is the perfect example of how language develops,” says Kelly. “I feel I’ve made a difference.”

Kelly says she loves helping kids learn how to communicate so they can express what they need. “When kids can’t express their feelings, this leads to frustration.” Kelly’s work is not just expanding language. It’s helping kids expand their possibilities.

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