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MGA Behavior Therapy Opens its Doors with ABA Therapy for More Personalized Care

MGA’s growing need for ABA Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado 


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – MGA Behavior Therapy is pleased to announce the official opening to accept patients beginning on April 8, 2022. This new office will serve as an ABA therapy service for MGA Behavior Therapy. This allows MGA to add Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and early behavior intervention for pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. 

For over 10 years, MGA Homecare has been providing in-home skilled care to the community. Through their services, they have identified a significant need for clinic-based, Pediatric Behavioral Therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis. The patients and families that we continue to serve have expressed the need for additional ABA providers within Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. 

Justin Grant, Vice President of Business Development shares that “our goals and guiding principles of this program are to provide patients the skills necessary for achieving their greatest potential of independence, as well as community integration. We are excited to start accepting patients in April 2022,” says Grant. He and his family have personally seen the importance of early intervention through his son who is living with autism and has benefited from ABA therapy. 

MGA Behavior Therapy’s certified, trained therapists specialize specifically in ABA therapy. MGA Behavior Therapy emphasizes the importance of consistent improvement and learning from each clinician to achieve patient goals through continuing education and professional development opportunities. MGA Behavior Therapy aims to focus on the high-quality care of each patient through proven results from highly educated and trained practitioners.  

“MGA Behavior Therapy will leverage the environment, incentives/rewards, and proven instructional methods to create behavior change or stated differently, to help children learn skills,” explains Brandie Kretzschmar, M.A., BCBA, Clinical Director. MGA Behavior Therapy follows the mission of “Whole Child. Whole Team. Whole Family” and supports not just the child but the child’s family too, because it views the entire family as a holistic unit. In addition, MGA Behavior Therapy follows a team-based approach where multiple practitioners are familiar with each child and his or her needs. This clinically proven strategy has shown success in helping children reach their full potential to lead an increasingly independent life. 

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About MGA Behavior Therapy

MGA Behavior Therapy’s ABA therapy will operate with a focus on the whole child, the whole family, and the whole team. Practitioners will take a holistic view of the behavior and seek to help children acquire new skillsets for increasing inclusiveness and independence. MGA Behavior Therapy makes cross-collaboration easy, transformative, and fun through outcomes-based care and quality you can count on. With the support of all therapy housed together, a team of therapists can work together to better serve each patient’s needs. It’s therapy for the whole child, and support for the entire family.


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