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MGA Homecare Welcomes Erica Drury, Director of Policy and Legislation

MGA Homecare is proud to welcome our new Director of Policy and Legislation, Erica Drury! Erica has been on the MGA team for over 5 months, “I joined MGA Homecare to work for a company where I felt my priorities and expertise aligned with the mission and vision of the organization.”

The Director of Policy and Legislation Experience

Erica’s favorite part in her position has been “the opportunity to work with passionate health care leaders and professionals to help address complex policy issues to improve the lives of the patients we serve and the nurses, aides, and therapists we employ!”

Erica is ready to take on any task that comes her way. She shares that her day-to-day tasks can involve participating in the legislation and regulatory process, providing edits to policies to comply with the state and federal guidelines, representing MGA association and industry meetings, reviewing state budget actions, and informing our teams of any regulatory updates.  She also shares that her day requires “following up on several items we have in the works because policy initiatives and legislative changes don’t happen overnight so there are usually many irons in the fire at once that all require a lot of check-ins, follow-ups, and strategizing with lots of different parties throughout the day!”

However, her responsibilities include a variety of government affairs activities across the country. “My focus is state legislative and regulatory matters pertaining to home and community-based services. I am responsible for weighing on statutory, regulatory, and policy changes as well as managing state lobbying activities and political contributions.” She also manages our external lobbyist, consultant, and association relationships. From which she says they help us achieve MGA’s legislative and policy initiatives.

Challenges and Goals

A common challenge Erica faces as the Director of Policy and Legislation has been being able to educate policymakers on private duty nursing services and the care required for the medically fragile individuals that MGA Homecare serves within the home and community-based space. But fortunately, she overcomes this by “partnering with our amazing clinical and operations leaders to help policymakers understand the service delivery model for our patient population.” Erica is hoping to see MGA assist in breaking down any unnecessary regulatory barriers to create an improved access to quality services for their patients.

Erica is happy to be a part of the MGA team! But when she is not diving into her busy schedule, she is able to balance MGA and family time. She enjoys spending time with her family. “I love spending quality time with family and close friends. I have a passion for real estate, spa treatments, and good wine/food!” Erica shares that it is important to prioritize your day-to-day goals, but also to schedule in some “fun so you don’t get too wrapped up in work and forget to live!”

Thank you, Erica, for all that you do at MGA, we are grateful to have you onboard!

If you are interested in working for MGA Homecare, visit our careers page!

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