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MGA in the News – NBC News 5 Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado – MGA Homecare, Colorado will be featured on NBC News 5 at 10 pm (MST) July 6th, 2020.

With the recent signing of Senate Bill 212, helping patients and health care workers stay safe while ensuring access to convenient, personalized care, NBC interviewed MGA Homecare’s own Cal Critchfield, Area Vice President – Colorado and Andrea Skoog, Director of Therapy, along with one of MGA Homecare’s clients. The interview was conducted on July 6th, 2020 in the afternoon regarding the passing of the telehealth and what it means to residents in Colorado.

Catch the interview online at or your local station. MGA will update this post when the video becomes available.


MGA Homecare, Colorado will be featured on NBC News 5 regarding Senate Bill 212. The interview can be found:


The bill prohibits a health insurance carrier from:

  • Imposing specific requirements or limitations on the HIPAA-compliant technologies used to deliver telehealth services;
  • Requiring a covered person to have a previously established patient-provider relationship with a specific provider in order to receive medically necessary telehealth services from the provider; or
  • Imposing additional certification, location, or training requirements as a condition of reimbursement for telehealth services.

About MGA Homecare

MGA Homecare has more than a decade of experience providing personalized pediatric home healthcare services. We focus on delivering exceptional pediatric clinical care by matching families with a healthcare professional who has the right skills and experience. Our seasoned clinicians are provided with the ongoing training and resources they need to handle every home healthcare situation with professionalism and care.

MGA Homecare has offices in Arizona, Colorado, and Texas,

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