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MGA North Carolina is Proud to be Sponsoring NC House Bill 150

At MGA Homecare, the message is simple, patients always come first. That is why we are proud to be sponsoring North Carolina’s House Bill 150, a bill authored by Representative Bradford. This bill increases access to patient choice for students receiving 1:1 health care services in the school setting.

Licensed home health and home care agencies contract with school districts to provide 1:1 health care services to assist students with disabilities to attend school. Most of these children also receive 1:1 nursing services at their homes, it’s only right that they should be able to receive care from the same healthcare provider. Unfortunately, this is not the case due to various contracting practices that limit patient choice.

The services are required by students’ individualized education programs (IEPs) and the school district contracting practices should not be limiting patient freedom of choice.

MGA believes health care services contracts should not be treated as any other services contract, such as janitorial services or equipment rentals. The students who rely on these services to receive their free and public education (FAPE) should not be forced to work with providers whom they are not familiar with. These children are medically complex and should not be treated like a contracted piece of equipment or a cleaning service company.

MGA Homecare strongly believes in advocating for our patient’s rights and providing support to their families. Sponsoring North Carolina House Bill 150 is just one of the many ways we will continue to stand up and speak out for the rights of our patients.MGA commends Representative Bradford for championing this legislation and his dedication to medically fragile patients and their families!