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Occupational Therapy Month

April is a time to celebrate Occupational Therapy Month and recognize all the hard-working MGA occupational therapists. Occupational Therapy is a type of therapy that helps those who have a disability, illness, or injury adapt back to everyday functions. They teach others how to perform various day-to-day tasks in the home, at work, school, or community.

Occupational Therapy was founded in the early 1900s and has since expanded with more programs, education, tools, and resources around the world. To this day it continues to be a common type of therapy for many people.

MGA Homecare offers different therapy services to its patients. One of them is Occupational Therapy and to honor OT month, we are highlighting our extraordinary occupational therapists and what they love about being an OT.


Meet Kathryn Feeney, Kathryn is a Clinical Supervisor of Occupational Therapy at MGA’s Pueblo Office. She enjoys providing a wide variety of treatments for her patients. She loves to get creative with her adaptive strategies. She enjoys making her patients smile and meet their goals. Kathryn says her favorite part about working at MGA Homecare is “having the privilege to interact with our wonderful families and patients we see, as well as fellow clinicians and office staff!” She says when it comes to families looking for an occupational therapist “don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Occupational therapy providers can provide interventions to assist with developing skills needed or making adaptations to perform meaningful activities.”


Meet Jenny Jamo, Director of Clinical Education, OTD, OTR/L her favorite part about working at MGA Colorado Springs is the people. She loves collaborating with a team that focuses on providing the best care to their patients while also creating a culture that employees love. She says she “enjoys the opportunities to support the growth and development of other OTs and OTAs along with learning from each other as we all have various strengths and talents to contribute.” She shares that it is important to be engaged in your child’s therapy sessions. Occupational therapists love to teach and empower caregivers that support their child’s progress. She says, “the best support you can provide your child is to follow through with OT recommendations during day-to-day activities.”


Erika Mountz is an Area Therapy Director at MGA Austin. She strives to be a helping hand for families and their loved ones. She enjoys each patient’s achievement and participation towards their goals and in their environment. Her favorite part about working at MGA Homecare is the devotion and quality care that we give to each patient. When it comes to sharing advice for families looking at occupational therapy she says to “share what is truly important to you so therapy can target what is meaningful for you!”



Elizabeth Epperson is our Clinical Supervisor of Occupational Therapy at Colorado Springs. She says working at MGA is like a big family working together. MGA always ensures each child is provided the highest quality of care. Elizabeth’s favorite part about working at MGA is the amazing support it offers and knowing that the company is devoted to providing quality services for each patient. But her favorite part about being an occupational therapist is “being able to see children and their families getting tools they need to live their best lives.”




Kaley Medsger is our Clinical Supervisor for Occupational Therapy in Austin. Kaley loves that at MGA, clients and their families always come first because the company strives to provide quality therapy and experience for each client. Kaley is always happy to see the joy on the family and children’s faces after they accomplish a goal. “Helping kids with disabilities learn how much potential they have, makes my job the best in the world!” Kaley suggests that when it comes to finding an occupational therapist it is important to “express how we can help them and their child function better during daily routines.” It helps her as an OT to better understand how she can best support family goals. She also always encourages the child’s participation in family routines in and out of the home from an early age!


Meet Michele Delhaye, MGA’s Clinical Supervisor for Occupational Therapy in Denver. Michele says she loves seeing a “child’s ability combined with the child’s possibilities and in a small way, being part of their story. OT is about supporting the whole person and that includes their family, extended social circles to which OTs are an integral support along their life’s journey.” Her favorite part about MGA is the collaboration, hardworking and supportive team. For those looking at MGA services, Michele says there “are no limits to the importance we place on your needs, we know without our families we serve we couldn’t be the team they count on! A child’s success is only as good as the community that cares about them, you will receive an abundance of care for their success with MGA.”


Clinical Supervisor of Occupational Therapy at MGA Dallas/Fort Worth is Elle Mustion. Elle is committed to providing quality therapy to each family and she loves that every MGA person, whether in the office or on the field does the same. “Everyone is always eager to jump in and help in any way that we can. It very much feels like a team approach which really allows us to provide comprehensive, high-quality care.” Elle says she loves the opportunity to collaborate creatively with families and watch the kids grow their own skillsets and surprise their parents and themselves with what they are capable of. She shares that “if you feel that your child could benefit from help in accessing their daily routines and activities, please give us a call! Research shows that the earlier children get plugged into therapy the better their outcomes are, and we would be honored to support your child’s developmental journey in any way that we can!”


We are honored to have such a hardworking and dedicated occupational therapy team at MGA Homecare. Their passion to achieve their patients’ goals, seeing them progress, and supporting the family is why we are proud of this fantastic team.

If you are looking for occupational therapy services for your child, give us a call today!


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