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Pediatric Physical Therapists: Strengthening Kids and Families

As October is National Physical Therapy Month, we at MGA Home Healthcare would like to recognize our own team of talented pediatric physical therapists. Our pediatric PTs are a special breed of therapist, as children require expert care infused with compassion and optimism.

Whether young patients are recovering from traumatic injuries, or living with physical disabilities, MGA’s qualified PTs partner with parents to help each child meet their individual physical goals. Our ultimate objective is always for patients to achieve their fullest potential with respect to mobility, strength and independence.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapists use their expertise to examine, evaluate, diagnose and recommend intervention. PTs provide treatment for delays in gross motor skills by helping patients develop greater strength and coordination.

Some of the many benefits of physical therapy include increasing core strength, enhancing range of movement and mobility, improving balance and posture, and cultivating self-sufficiency and confidence.

In pediatric patients, PT might be necessary to make even basic play possible, which is essential for early childhood development. By increasing endurance for a game of tag, or improving mobility on playground equipment, PT can help keep kids safer and make it easier for them to form friendships.

Rewarding Careers in Pediatric Physical Therapy

A career in PT requires a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from an accredited institution, which typically takes three years of schooling following a bachelor’s in a related field. Graduates are also required to pass a licensure exam specific to each state. The great news is that the degree has an immediate return on investment in the form of high-paying entry-level positions.

Recent research ranked physical therapy as number 10 in the category of Best Health Care Jobs, due to rapid growth in salaries and job volume. MGA Home Healthcare pediatric PTs have the flexibility of setting their own work schedules, and also have access to the comprehensive support of MGA’s full administrative and clinical teams.

Pediatric PTs enjoy a wide variety in their work week because the needs of pediatric patients can run the gamut from habilitation to rehab. Every patient comes with a unique diagnosis and individual goals. Your morning might consist of a home visit spent on the carpet with a toddler with cerebral palsy, while your afternoon is passed at the gym helping a teen athlete recover from a sports injury. Some paperwork is inevitable, but PTs are never stuck behind a desk for very long.

Providing therapy to kids can be fun because they learn through play. While PT requires expertise and a serious education, therapists may need to get a little silly to keep patients engaged. Dancing, singing, playing, and laughing can all be constructive tools in helping children meet their physical goals.

Most importantly, a career in pediatric PT brings the satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution in a child’s life, and to the overall well-being of the families you serve. Great therapists are more than just doctors for families dealing with stressful injuries or diagnoses – they inspire hope, and light the way toward greater physical independence.

To learn how to join MGA Home Healthcare’s team of pediatric physical therapists, contact us at 719-418-7827.

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