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Celebrating Physical Therapy Month

October is Physical Therapy Month. A time to recognize some of our hardworking MGA Homecare physical therapists (PT) and their dedication to making a difference in the lives of their patients. Physical Therapy is a type of treatment that focuses on the physical methods to treat an injury or illness and to improve or manage pain. This can be done through various exercises, massages, or heat treatments.  

At MGA Homecare we are pleased to offer different therapy services to deliver the high-quality care our patients deserve. Read below to meet some of our amazing MGA Physical Therapists, what they love about being a PT, and some advice they recommend to anyone who is looking for a physical therapist for their loved one.  

Jennifer Irwin, a Clinical Supervisor of Physical Therapy at MGA’s Austin Office, has been a part of the team since March 2022. She says “I love the number of resources and supervision we offer to our therapists. No therapist will join MGA without a plethora of help!” Jennifer loves that she can see her patients progress in their motor skills. She says it’s also important to be there to help families adapt to their loved ones’ needs. “It is really rewarding to be able to play a part in a child’s growth and development.” Jennifer also shares with us that it’s important to let your physical therapist “know what your specific goals are for your child and what you are hoping for him or her to gain from physical therapy.” 

Meet Dayna Hamilton, a Clinical Supervisor of Physical Therapy at MGA’s Colorado Springs Office. Dayna has been a part of the MGA team for almost three years. She enjoys working with her PT team every day. While also assisting them to become better therapists. “I have become close with my team members and love celebrating their work/personal wins!” When it comes to being a PT, she loves watching her patients reach their goals and seeing the parents and children amazed at their own progress. “I love being a part of a kiddo’s first steps!” Dayna wants families to know that MGA Homecare has a variety of therapists on the team and there are therapists that suit every child and family. “Every kiddo prefers a different kind of human to work with and the MGA internal team supports those needs!” 


Cori Joyce, one of our Clinical Supervisors of Physical Therapy at our MGA Denver office, has been with MGA Homecare for a little over a year. Cori enjoys seeing her patients take their first steps, roll over for the first time and participate in an activity with their families they couldn’t do previously. “The pride and joy in the parent’s faces when their child accomplishes something new is what drives me every day!” Cori shares that one of her favorite parts about being on the MGA team is all the people she gets to work with daily. “I love the patients that I get to treat and make a difference in their lives. The growth that I get to witness by being their PT is amazing!” She wants other families looking for MGA PT services to know that it’s important that “you and your child are not just patients here, but you become family. It’s such a family atmosphere!” 


Trista Hetland, Director of Therapy at our MGA Denver office, has been with MGA Homecare for over 5 years! Trista enjoys being on the MGA team and her teammates’ passion for what they do. It’s important to “be surrounded by people who care for each patient individually and want to make a difference.” When it comes to her role as a physical therapist, her favorite part is “celebrating the victories and accomplishments of each patient with them and their families, no matter how big or small!” She shares that “you never know what a child is capable of, and by helping support their individual needs they can surprise us over and over again.” 


Meet our Director of Therapy at the MGA Pueblo office, Ashley Heister. Ashley has been with MGA Homecare for over 11 years! She shares that her favorite part is “being able to help children of all ability levels and their families achieve their goals. Especially the kids that are more medically complex, being able to help them achieve new skills or obtain equipment that improves their day-to-day life, is incredibly rewarding!” She also shares that she enjoys the wonderful support from “our local leadership team to pursue excellence and be able to promote growth within our teams of therapists!” Ashley wants others to know “if you want to maximize results and get the most out of each therapy experience, incorporate PT bits into your everyday life! It will be the best thing for your child. If you are not sure what to do or how to include it, ask your therapist! If we provide a Home Exercise Program that is too extensive, ask for the priorities, and be upfront and honest with us about what you can complete.  We are not there to judge you as a parent, we want to support you in maximizing your and your child’s abilities!” 


We are proud of all our MGA physical therapists and the compassion they deliver to every patient. We are grateful to provide high-quality services for our patients and their families.  If you are looking for physical therapy services for your child, give us a call today! 

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