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Sarah and Jayden’s Journey With MGA Homecare

Jayden lives the life of an average 12-year-old. Going to school, doing homework, except the only thing that sets him apart from his peers is that Jayden has Cerebral Palsy.

Many people are born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a group of disorders that affects movement, balance and posture. But Jayden was not diagnosed with CP until he was 18 months old. Sarah, Jayden’s mother, knew from the long days they had spent in the NICU, that he had brain damage but did not fully comprehend how much it would affect his life.

As Jayden got older, Sarah and her family adapted to the new challenges as they came. Jayden typically has a very busy schedule; he has therapy sessions each morning and evening. Sarah says in the mornings Jayden does some stretching, and they complete several tasks together before heading out to school. When he gets home, they focus primarily on homework, independence, strength, and hygiene. They have a great routine, and it has worked well for Jayden and his family. He always looks forward to his therapy sessions!

As for Sarah and Jayden, they realized one of the top challenges for Jayden has been accessibility. “We live in a walking world. Jayden received his power chair in kindergarten and that has helped him tremendously have more independence. He has a low function in his right arm so adapting to the world around him has been a learning process over the last 12 years.”

Despite the physical difference of Cerebral Palsy, over the years Sarah has taught Jayden that people will be naturally curious. Sarah and Jayden are always ready to answer any questions other people have in hopes that it will encourage them to better understand Cerebral Palsy. Sarah says she wished people understood the challenges that come with Cerebral Palsy. “It is a lifelong journey that often will feel like an uphill battle, but I know Jayden just wants to be treated as an average 12-year-old boy. We are blessed that he can talk but I know even if someone with CP cannot talk, they can still hear.” Each case of Cerebral Palsy can be difficult and there is no known cure. But fortunately, there are many resources and support out there, one of them being MGA Homecare.

Sarah was referred to MGA Homecare by a woman at Jayden’s elementary school. She said MGA truly helped her find what worked best for not only Jayden but his family too. Such as becoming a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) through MGA’s Academy. Sarah has been employed with MGA Homecare as a CNA for over two years. She is able to provide care for Jayden through the Colorado CNA program which allows parents, relatives, and others who meet Colorado’s eligibility requirements to care for their loved ones and receive pay for carrying out those duties. “It has been wonderful to have support and guidance from MGA. Whenever there is an issue, or we need an idea, there are plenty of people to guide us.”

With that, she has often recommended MGA Homecare to other families. Sarah understands the special needs world can be challenging and hard when you are doing it by yourself so she is always willing to lend a hand and share support when she can. She understands it’s important to take breaks and time for yourself as a caregiver and mother of a loved one with Cerebral Palsy. While we always want to make sure our loved one is properly cared for and receive everything they need, we cannot neglect our own mental, emotional and physical health.

“Many parents taking care of a loved one cannot work due to appointments, therapy, extra time in daily care, and it can become financially difficult. This is where MGA has been such a blessing for my family as well. Guidance in care, a financial plan, and a group of people to support you in the journey is something everyone should have as special needs parents.”


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