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Speech Therapy Month

Throughout the month of May, we are recognizing our speech therapists for Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). Better Hearing and Speech Month raises awareness for those with communication barriers and disorders. With the help and support of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), commonly referred to as Speech Therapists, they can focus on the communication and swallowing efforts of an individual, to better improve their quality of life.

Our MGA speech therapists support patients by:

  • Using augmentative communication (AAC) devices
  • Enhance feeding and swallowing
  • Enhance all forms of communication
  • Improve language and articulation within the comfort of the patients’ home.

Read below how our MGA speech therapists are passionate about what they do and the recommendations they have for when it comes to finding the right SLP for your loved one.


Meet Erin Taylor, Clinical Supervisor of Speech Therapy at our MGA Austin office. As a speech therapist on the MGA Team, Erin’s favorite part has been getting to see each therapist in action. “I especially love MGA’s commitment to patient-centered care as well as the creativity and care collaboration I see with our therapists treating in the field.” She says when it comes to being a speech therapist, she always feels confident treating a wide range of diagnoses while also having the opportunity to be challenged to strive to provide the highest level of care for her patients. Erin also suggests if you are looking for a speech therapist for your loved one “Give us a call! We are happy to contact your physician directly to assist in the referral process.”



Meet Brittany Baldwin, Clinical Supervisor of Speech Therapy at our MGA Colorado Springs office. “I love working for MGA Homecare for a number of reasons! The team dynamic and support provided from both speech therapists and the therapy department create an uplifting and positive work environment.” Brittany says she enjoys working with a great group of inspiring individuals, because it makes work fun and exciting.” But she always suggests listening to your own instincts when it comes to finding the right speech therapist for your loved one. She says to never be afraid to learn about the support and resources around you. Her favorite part about being an SLP is “working with families and creating a language rich environment for both families and patients to learn how to increase communication and independence!”


Meet Erin Carlson, Clinical Supervisor of Speech Therapy at our MGA Denver office. Erin shares with us that she enjoys the flexibility and the other therapists she works with at MGA Homecare. She says, “I love that being an SLP allows me to work with a diverse population with diverse needs and allows me to be creative on how to meet each of the individual’s needs.” Erin suggests when it comes to finding the right SLP match for your loved one to “be patient, everything takes time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, there are many ways to achieve the end goal, and always communicate.”



Alison Belkin is our Director of Therapy, at our MGA Scottsdale office. She loves the MGA teamwork dynamic and team spirit and says that she believes they have the patient’s best interest at heart. Her favorite part about being an SLP is addressing communication and cognition. It is the “core to how we connect with others and who we are as people, I know that the work I do is valuable. I also enjoy problem-solving with patients and families to help them achieve the best possible outcome. We get to be so creative!” Alison recommends being “sure your therapist listens well, thinks of you as a whole person and thinks of the family as an integral part of success.” She says to always “remember that therapy results should be as functional (real-life) as possible.”


Sarah Ham is our Clinical Support Specialist at our MGA Colorado Springs office. Her advice to families looking for speech therapists for their loved one is to know that “we are here to help your child and we genuinely care about helping them reach their full potential.” She shares that MGA is a company that truly cares for you as a person. “I’ve never met an unfriendly employee that works at MGA!” Her favorite part is “helping children reach their goals and working with parents on strategies to help increase feeding or speech and language goals in the home setting.”



Meet Rosalyn Pryor, Director of Therapy, at our MGA DFW offices. Rosalyn feels as though “MGA provides excellent therapy to the patients that we serve; as well as an exemplary level of opportunities for our staff to train in additional areas within their scope of practice.  We strive to provide mentorship and support to one another.” She shares that her favorite part has been “watching the positive changes and mindset that can happen as you watch children achieve small and large milestones.  Even more enjoyable is watching children do things you never thought they would be able to do!” The advice she would give others looking for speech-language pathologists would be to “choose the therapist with heart and one who shows that they really care about you and your family.”


We are proud to have such a diligent and hardworking speech therapy team at MGA Homecare. Their dedication to achieve their patients’ goals, see them progress and support each family member, is why we are grateful for each and every one of them.

If you are looking for speech therapy services for your child, give us a call today!

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