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Welcome Michele Christina Delhaye, OT Supervisor

Welcome Michele Christina Delhaye, OT Supervisor

MGA Homecare aims to hire the best and brightest in healthcare to provide exceptional in-home services. Our hiring process ensures that we find and vet employees who share in the ideals, vision, and mission of the company.

It is with great joy that we welcome Michele Christina Delhaye, OTR/L, CNT, SWC, CEIM, as OT Supervisor in the Denver, CO office at MGA Homecare. She is a board-certified neonatal occupational therapist specializing in the care and development of premature newborns through early adulthood.

A Blend of Therapies and Learning

Michelle has honed her expertise for more than 25 years and empowers families, infants, and children of all ages in the support of chronic conditions. She believes in, and relies on, the importance of comprehensive assessments, as well as the development of individualized care and programs.

Michele believes deeply in blending therapy services that honor a patient-family’s ability to experience the building blocks vital for a lifetime of love and learning. Her goal, with any patient, is to maximize normal developmental progress for a child’s optimal potential.

Michele is particularly passionate about blending her knowledge of feeding therapy, developmental therapy, sensory, motor and medical complexities and diagnosis with a holistic health approach. She particularly enjoys—and finds success—with the natural home environment model of occupational therapy services.

Michelle has worked in NICU, PICU, PEDI rehab units, general nurseries, pediatric outpatient clinics and school consulting. She is even the co-founder of a private practice clinic dedicated to both children and women’s health care.

Join the Team

MGA Homecare operates like a family upholding values of teamwork, integrity, and honesty to create an environment that is professional, caring, and enjoyable. What truly sets us apart is the relationships we build with each other and our families. LEARN MORE ABOUT EMPLOYMENT.

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